Thursday, August 5, 2010


Dear Everyone,
I have the wonderful privilege to inform you that, my friend, Adela, is my new sister! Yes, it's true...she just accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior! What a blessing:)

This evening's activity was an event called a Labyrinth. We had all the kids break off into their discussion groups, and go around the campus to each station, taking as much time as they want; being able to reflect and really spend time thinking.
The first station is where they draw a tree, and write names of the people they impact, and people that impact them, all across the roots and the stems.
The next is a clay station where they form out things that mean a lot to them. For example, making a heart for love, a cross for God, or a star for nature. Things like that.
The third, is a letter writing station. This one is where I was station at, to help watch and pray for the students as each one came in. They write letters to themselves talking about anything and everything relating to times in their life at the moment.
The fourth is a station over in the woods, which focuses on forgiveness. You tally on a rock the things that you need to be forgiven of, or forgive someone for, take the rock, and throw it as far as you can into the woods. This symbolizes the fact that when God says he'll forgive, He really will.
The last is a station where you walk through this maze of verses, totally displaying the gospel. Adela walked through this twice. At the end, there is a cross of candles, all unlit. This part is the option you have to either light the candle, and accept Christ and dedicate your life to him, or not. And from what I saw, there were many lit candles. Again, a blessing!
After that, you'd come back to the fireside, where sausages and smores were being made. I saw Adela (A-doosh is how you pronounce it) walk up to Rob, the guy in charge, and they just hugged for minutes. Everyone else was mingling, and I was able to just stand and watch. He was holding her, and she was crying. I leaned over to Zac, not really sure what to think and all he says was "It's good. Really good."
Then, my head starts to explode with thoughts. Rob then calls his wife Audrey over, and says "Audrey, Adela has something she wants to tell you." Right then, Audrey starts crying. They hug and cry together, and it was such a sweet moment, as Audrey explained how long they had been praying for her, and then finally, to see the outcome of their prayer.
After a few minutes, Zac and I walk over to her. She hugs Zac for a really long time, as he was able to share his testimony with her, and her cousin, and her brother last night. Then, it's my turn. I had already started crying, but feeling the tight embrace of a new sister was something I'll never forget. She whispered the words "Thank you," and then she said "You live so far away..."
That got me even more.
We kept hugging and smiling, and I can't really describe to you what that felt like for me.
Those two minutes made this entire trip worth it.
And I am so happy right now.
It's one of the greatest feelings ever.
I wish I could tell you this all in person, but this is as close as it'll get. Seriously, thank you for praying. Really. God is so good, and prayer works. Seeing it firsthand? Even better.
Again, we are thankful for your prayers!
In Him and for Him, Caley and crew

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hey, look! Pictures!

This is the town below the mountain where our Camp is at. Beautiful!

An old longer in use. Obviously.

The train was so packed, we had to sit like this for an hour. Adventure, for sure! :)

This is the dining hall at our training center in Malenovince. I'd say we were pretty spoiled...

This is the group that went hiking yesterday. So fun!

And here's the Salem Heights team at the waterfall in Malenovice.

Well, there you go. Hope to upload more as the week continues:)
Thanks again for praying for us, and we'll see you all in less than a week!
In Him, Caley and crew

Me? Really?

Big wow.
I keep asking myself, "Why am I here? Why would God choose someone like me?"
But this whole week, I've been given glimpses of why I'm here.
Why I'm on this earth, for that matter.
It's all for HIM.
Today is day 10. We have one week to go.
One week to make a lasting impression on these young people who are hungry for God's word, searching for answers, and are willing to listen. I'd say it's a calling that I am not ashamed of.
God planned this trip out for me, before I even knew where the Czech Republic was. He led us to Salem Heights Church to even be involved in missions in the first place. He allowed me to connect with the youth group and grow tremendously so I would even have the opportunity to be here. Although I can't always see God's hand in his work in my life, It's definitely obvious on this trip.
For example...just now.
I'm sitting on my bed inside my room, and outside my door, across the hall, I hear whispering.
It's Daniel, one of the Czech interns, praying outside the door of the boys room. I don't know why. All I know is that Daniel needed something from his room, and didn't want to interrupt the conversation that was happening inside. Whether it be from leader to student, student to student, or leader to leader, it's amazes me to see this kind of love.
Again, that's why I'm here.
Or earlier today.
Siera had the opportunity to share the gospel with one of the beginner students who barely even spoke English. Through Google translator, and with God's strength, she was able to lay out the entire gospel for this girl, and the girl even left with the statement that she'd be thinking about everything Siera had said. You should have seen Sieras face...smiling from ear to ear.
Stories such as these...
This is why we're here.
To love on these kids who need it.
To encourage the ones who don't know what encouragement is.
To be a sister to those who don't have family.
This is what I am called to do, and I couldn't be more thankful.

So again, I thank you all for your love, prayers, and support. Although we couldn't without God, we couldn't do it without you either. God is great, and is doing amazing things in the Czech Republic! See you all in a week!
In Him, Caley and crew

Ps, I've tried to put pictures on here many times, but it just doesn't seem to work. I'm really sorry! Once we get back, you'll be able to see them all sometime! :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wow. God is good!

Dear Everyone,
I must say, I wish I could upload more pictures.
I would like that.
And I'm sure you would too.
I have been trying every night with each blog post, but it doesn't seem to want to work. So I guess that just means we'll have to have an event where we can show you all the pictures when we all get back!
Today, was day 2 of English camp! And it went really well. The weather was beautiful, the kids were receptive not only to learning English, but also to opening up to us and wanting to talk. I am so happy to be here, and it's been such a great opportunity. Although it's only day 2, God is allowing these kids to really open up to us. And by the end of the week arrives, we're all going to be best friends. It's encouraging to be here typing, and every two minutes, my roommate Tereza leans over to ask a question about English, talk about the zoo, or dancing, or telling me all about her favorite things. I almost feel like a big sister, to a third sister. A czech sister. In fact, just now, she started talking about the Easter bunny, and Christmas! OPEN DOOR! So, I took that, and asked her if she knew what Easter was about. She said yes, but because I can, I was able to share the entire gospel with her, and boy, did she seem interested! Her face lit up, and it's made me realize again how privileged I am to be here! I get to be one who plants and waters seeds in these teenagers lives. AMAZING!!
A year ago, I had no idea I'd be here in the Czech Republic, serving for 17 days in a way that would stretch me beyond belief, but also grow me beyond belief.
I would write more, but I should really head to bed. It's 11:52pm here, and tomorrow is our hike day; so we only have half a day of English to plan for. You can pray for safety and the continuation of us being able to be lights for the Lord! He is so good, and we are so thankful for the opportunity to be serving here. Continue to specifically pray for Tereza, and that if the Lord wills, she would continue to be open to His Word. God is so good!
Thanks for your prayers and we can't wait to see you all!
In Him, Caley and crew

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Being here in Czech Republic is wonderful and has been such an amazing opportunity. But of course, there are times of weakness. A good friend sent me a link to the book "Alone with God" as some encouragement for me when I'm feeling homesick or overwhelmed. It talks about the importance of prayer, and how it is so necessary for us to be in prayer constantly. Acts 6:4 says "We will devote ourselves to prayer, and to the ministry of the Word." As I started reading the book as part of my quiet time today, I was encouraged by this quote by Charles Spurgeon:
"Like the old knights, always in warfare, not always on their steeds dashing forward with their lances in rest to unhorse an adversary, but always wearing their weapons where they could readily reach them, and always ready to encounter wounds or death for the sake of the cause which they championed. Those grim warriors often slept in their armour; so even when we sleep, we are still to be in the spirit of prayer, so that if perchance we wake in the night we may still be with God. Our soul, having received the divine centripetal influence which makes it seek its heavenly centre, should be evermore naturally rising towards God himself. Our heart is to be like those beacons and watchtowers which were prepared along the coast of England when the invasion of the Armada was hourly expected, not always blazing, but with the wood always dry, and the match always there, the whole pile being ready to blaze up at the appointed moment. Our souls should be in such a condition that ejaculatory prayer should be very frequent with us. No need to pause in business and leave the counter, and fall down upon the knees; the spirit should send up its silent, short, swift petitions to the throne of grace.
A Christian should carry the weapon of all prayer like a drawn sword in his hand. We should never sheathe our supplications. Never may our hearts be like an unlimbered gun, with everything to be done to it before it can thunder on the foe, but it should be like a piece of cannon, loaded and primed, only requiring the fire that it may be discharged. The soul should be not always in the exercise of prayer, but always in the energy of prayer; not always actually praying, but always intentionally praying."
This is a perfect example of how my heart and mind should be ready. We need to make sure we are continually devoting ourselves to prayer, and allowing ourselves to be open to God shaping and molding us into the servants he wants us to be. Whether it be praises, trials, desires, or hopes, we need to give it to God.
So, I'd ask you to continue to be in prayer for us. Today was the first day of English Camp, and it went extremely well. They were cooperative, energetic, and hungry to learn. Tonight, as discussion groups happen, and questions may be asked, pray that we will be bold to share God's love in a way that is culturally acceptable. Like I've said many times, God has given us this amazing opportunity to share His love here in Czech Republic, and I'm so excited to see what he'll continue to do.
Thanks again for praying, and we love and miss you all!
In Him and for Him, Caley and crew

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The adventures continue...

It's 12:25am.
Today is Saturday.
...the day that all the Czech students arrived.
And in all seriousness, IT. WAS. FANTASTIC.
I had already thought of expectations in my head of how today was going to play out, and to my relief, God took those and threw them out the window. These kids are so great. Now, I say kids, but some are as young as 14, and others are 20 and older...even married, training to be nurses, doctors and teachers...coming to an english camp, where an insignificant team of people get to be apart of that opportunity.
Sounds like a blessing to me.
Each of us here shares a room with a Czech, except for the boys, who have 5 or 6 to a room. I have the privilege of sharing a room with an 18 year old girl named Tereza. Although tonight is just the first night, and she's asleep in the bed next to me, I have a feeling like this is going to be such an amazing opportunity. She has never been to English camp before, and has no friends here. She follows me around, and waves to me from across the room when we're not together. Take all those different scenarios, and it forms into an amazing opportunity to share the love of Christ!
I am personally so blessed to be here, and although homesickness has kicked in at times from thinking, or reading letters from my sisters, being tired and weariness has overcome, or trials have come my way, I can rest in the fact that this opportunity is unlike anything else, and God has provided it for a specific purpose. As the 10 of us from Salem Heights met this morning for a meeting, we were throughly encouraged by the fact that we can pray at anytime to our Heavenly Father, and he can and will provide everything we need. It's so easy for us to be able to come to Him with any concern or need we have!
2 Corinthians 12:9 says, "But He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me."
Continue to pray for us, as English classes start tomorrow at 9:00am. We are confident of the fact that God will continue to provide the strength and the energy to keep us on our feet.
Thank you for your prayers and encouragement, and we look forward to seeing you all soon!
In Him and FOR HIM, Caley and crew

Friday, July 30, 2010

We made it to Pocernice!

What a day!
Let's see...where do I even begin?
This morning was the day all the groups left for their English Camp destination. Ours happened to be on the other side of the Czech Republic, so we knew we had a long day ahead of us. We left Malenovice at 8:45 this morning, to make it to our first train ride at 9:10. I came to realize throughout the day, that trains can be pretty intense. Especially when you have 10 minutes to make it to the next train, or when people don't know that deodorant exists, or when you miss your train, or when it's so packed you have to stand for an hour in the hallway. Nevertheless, today was an adventure for sure. After 3 train rides, 1 car ride, 2 bus rides, and almost 3 mile UPHILL hike, (all consisting in the span of 10 hours) we finally made it. Not to mention, we started out our hike in the parking lot of a cute little town at about 2,500 feet. Ending our hike at camp, it was 3,600 feet. Imagine us, as we're able to see our breath it's so cold...but at the same time it's humid, we're sweating like there's no tomorrow, and we're laughing at the fact that we can't do anything about it. We stumble our way up the mountain, and finally make it to our destination; Exhausted, but alive.
God is so good, and definitely provided the strength and energy and patience to make it through today. :)
Thankfully, we have internet connection here at camp, so I'll be able to update every evening, as time and free times allows.
Tomorrow the Czech students arrive around 2pm, so you can be specifically praying for them! Pray that we'll be able to connect with them on a personal level, and that even now, their hearts will be open to the Word. You can aslo be praying that we will be able to be full of energy and have everything organized and figured out before they get here.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers. They are more encouraging than you realize!
Bye for now, but we will see you in a little less than 2 weeks!
In Him, Caley and crew

"Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through Jesus Christ."
-I Corinthians 15:57