Thursday, August 5, 2010


Dear Everyone,
I have the wonderful privilege to inform you that, my friend, Adela, is my new sister! Yes, it's true...she just accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior! What a blessing:)

This evening's activity was an event called a Labyrinth. We had all the kids break off into their discussion groups, and go around the campus to each station, taking as much time as they want; being able to reflect and really spend time thinking.
The first station is where they draw a tree, and write names of the people they impact, and people that impact them, all across the roots and the stems.
The next is a clay station where they form out things that mean a lot to them. For example, making a heart for love, a cross for God, or a star for nature. Things like that.
The third, is a letter writing station. This one is where I was station at, to help watch and pray for the students as each one came in. They write letters to themselves talking about anything and everything relating to times in their life at the moment.
The fourth is a station over in the woods, which focuses on forgiveness. You tally on a rock the things that you need to be forgiven of, or forgive someone for, take the rock, and throw it as far as you can into the woods. This symbolizes the fact that when God says he'll forgive, He really will.
The last is a station where you walk through this maze of verses, totally displaying the gospel. Adela walked through this twice. At the end, there is a cross of candles, all unlit. This part is the option you have to either light the candle, and accept Christ and dedicate your life to him, or not. And from what I saw, there were many lit candles. Again, a blessing!
After that, you'd come back to the fireside, where sausages and smores were being made. I saw Adela (A-doosh is how you pronounce it) walk up to Rob, the guy in charge, and they just hugged for minutes. Everyone else was mingling, and I was able to just stand and watch. He was holding her, and she was crying. I leaned over to Zac, not really sure what to think and all he says was "It's good. Really good."
Then, my head starts to explode with thoughts. Rob then calls his wife Audrey over, and says "Audrey, Adela has something she wants to tell you." Right then, Audrey starts crying. They hug and cry together, and it was such a sweet moment, as Audrey explained how long they had been praying for her, and then finally, to see the outcome of their prayer.
After a few minutes, Zac and I walk over to her. She hugs Zac for a really long time, as he was able to share his testimony with her, and her cousin, and her brother last night. Then, it's my turn. I had already started crying, but feeling the tight embrace of a new sister was something I'll never forget. She whispered the words "Thank you," and then she said "You live so far away..."
That got me even more.
We kept hugging and smiling, and I can't really describe to you what that felt like for me.
Those two minutes made this entire trip worth it.
And I am so happy right now.
It's one of the greatest feelings ever.
I wish I could tell you this all in person, but this is as close as it'll get. Seriously, thank you for praying. Really. God is so good, and prayer works. Seeing it firsthand? Even better.
Again, we are thankful for your prayers!
In Him and for Him, Caley and crew


  1. God is good!! What a blessing that you got to be a part of that... isn't God so amazing that He chooses to use us and give us those incredible opportunities to see Him reach down and touch the heart of someone! It gives me goose bumps. Continue to persevere and pray for Adela... the journey ahead will not be easy. Don't let Satan get a foothold... continue to shower her in prayer and encouragement. Can't wait to hear more about what the Lord has done. Love ya lots... give everyone a BIG hug from me.

  2. W.O.W. That is so awesome!! I miss you so much Caley and I can't wait to see you soon! I need my big sister back...:)
    Love you lots! - Heather

  3. Amazing! Thanks for sharing. God is at work. Welcome sister Adela!