Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Me? Really?

Big wow.
I keep asking myself, "Why am I here? Why would God choose someone like me?"
But this whole week, I've been given glimpses of why I'm here.
Why I'm on this earth, for that matter.
It's all for HIM.
Today is day 10. We have one week to go.
One week to make a lasting impression on these young people who are hungry for God's word, searching for answers, and are willing to listen. I'd say it's a calling that I am not ashamed of.
God planned this trip out for me, before I even knew where the Czech Republic was. He led us to Salem Heights Church to even be involved in missions in the first place. He allowed me to connect with the youth group and grow tremendously so I would even have the opportunity to be here. Although I can't always see God's hand in his work in my life, It's definitely obvious on this trip.
For example...just now.
I'm sitting on my bed inside my room, and outside my door, across the hall, I hear whispering.
It's Daniel, one of the Czech interns, praying outside the door of the boys room. I don't know why. All I know is that Daniel needed something from his room, and didn't want to interrupt the conversation that was happening inside. Whether it be from leader to student, student to student, or leader to leader, it's amazes me to see this kind of love.
Again, that's why I'm here.
Or earlier today.
Siera had the opportunity to share the gospel with one of the beginner students who barely even spoke English. Through Google translator, and with God's strength, she was able to lay out the entire gospel for this girl, and the girl even left with the statement that she'd be thinking about everything Siera had said. You should have seen Sieras face...smiling from ear to ear.
Stories such as these...
This is why we're here.
To love on these kids who need it.
To encourage the ones who don't know what encouragement is.
To be a sister to those who don't have family.
This is what I am called to do, and I couldn't be more thankful.

So again, I thank you all for your love, prayers, and support. Although we couldn't without God, we couldn't do it without you either. God is great, and is doing amazing things in the Czech Republic! See you all in a week!
In Him, Caley and crew

Ps, I've tried to put pictures on here many times, but it just doesn't seem to work. I'm really sorry! Once we get back, you'll be able to see them all sometime! :)


  1. Very wonderfully put. We thank God for all He is doing through you and the rest. Say hi to the Otter. Love you all ! Matt & Lori

  2. Great pics, Bug! Great update too! Stay useful and fruitful for the Lord! Love you, Dad