Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We're HERE!

Here we are! Safe and sound in Malenovice, Czech Republic!
It's 7:30am on Wednesday morning in Oregon, but here in Czech it's weird is that?
Let me just start off by saying, God is so good!
We arrived here yesterday around 11pm, after having traveled for 28 hours, and then some. Both of our flights were very smooth, with no problems...we even got to fly through two sunrises! Just being here in a a new country is so different. the whole atmosphere is all new. Not bad at all, just different, and I think it may take us awhile to adjust to the culture. The toilets, the food, the foggy and rainy weather, the thick accents of the Czech people speaking English, the fact that I'm 9 hours ahead of you right now, and everything in between.
We started off the morning with a chapel service, and it was really great. Instead of all of us 45-50 students gathering together for a message, Nate (the guy in charge) had us go off by ourselves and just spend a good half an hour with the Lord, to prepare and make sure our hearts were right before we really got started. By myself, I was able to read through the book of Philippians, and it was just so encouraging and reassuring to know that God IS faithful and will provide me the strength, even when times are harder or when I'm feeling anxious. GOD KNOWS, and knowing that has and will get me through. After awhile, we got to practice the English part of camp, and learn more about the history and culture of Czech itself. After that we broke up into our Camp teams, and got to know each other as individual groups. Along with the 10 people from Salem Heights, we're working with Rob and Audrey, as well as 6 interns from across the United States, and two Czech students as translators. As soon as we get to the camp location, we'll meet up with 20 other students from the Czech youth group, that will also be working with us. It's a really great group and I'm really excited to see what God is going to do, not only through us, but also in us.
Please continue to keep us in your prayers! Siera is struggling a little bit with her stomach, so you can be praying specifically for that. The rest of us are healthy, although we're all dealing with being tired and trying to adjust, which is understood:) God knows, and will give us the strength and get through! Pray that our hearts will continue to stay right, and that we'll be able to bring others to know our wonderful Savior!
Thank you all for the support and prayers, and I'll continue to update as often as I can!
Ps: pictures are coming too!
In Him, Caley and crew


  1. hi caley :)

    praying for all of you!!

    -emily brown

  2. CALEY!! This mommy misses you, but I would have it no other way. God has prepared you for this and I am so very excited to read and see what God is doing in and through you and the rest of the crew! We are praying for you everyday!

  3. Emily, thank you so much!

    MOMMY!! Hellooo! I miss you:) God is doing amazing things already over here, and it's only day 3. I'm looking forward to keeping you updated, and tell everyone I miss and love you all very much. See you in two weeks!

  4. Hey Caley!! We MacCollins are praying for you all. Nice videos :-) We are very thankful that God is using you all! Say hi to Manders.

  5. Oh I will for sure! We had fun with the videos;) That's what happens when we're tired..or have free time:) See you all soon and thanks for the prayers!